Wednesday 2 October 2013

An Update on things.....

Evening everyone!


So, 6 months on from the start of this blog, I thought I had best update it!


What’s been happening on the modelling front then? Well, aside from RIAT and various trips to the Mach Loop, an area of Low Flying in Wales, it’s been pretty quiet. However, I have recently been published in the latest issue of scale Aircraft Modelling, the October issue I add, with my contribution being the impeccable Revell 1:32 Heinkel He 219A-7 Uhu. I used the Eduard seatbelts, cockpit and paint mask on this one to spice it up a little, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. If you want to know more however, including how I managed to paint such an intricate scheme, contact me or pick up an issue of SAM in WH Smith and all major newsagents.


Here is the beauty, only one photo for now though!



My next project for SAM is all under wraps of course, but one I am planning to finish for the IPMS UK Scale Modelworld 2013 show, which is at the International Centre, Telford on November 9th-10th, is this – Academy’s beautiful 1:32 F-16I Sufa. Well,  when I say beautiful, I mean pretty, but with some niggles! I’ll make mention of this in a further post, but here is the latest update on her! I have the green and dark grey to apply, so hopefully that will take place tomorrow before work!



Righty oh, that’s as far as I shall natter, if you want to know more or would like to enquire about a commission, feel free to contact me on my personal e-mail address, this being   Till next time, toodle pip!
Kind Regards,


Monday 8 April 2013

Welcome to Tom Williams Commission Models


My name is Thomas Williams, I am 21 and from Wrexham, North Wales. Ever since the tender age of 10, I have been building models as a hobby. From Airfix to Tamiya, Revell to Hasegawa, and even a few Matchbox and Sword kits thrown in among the years, just to add some spice, variety and (in a way) drama to my modelling collection.

I am very lucky and privileged to be a contributor to Scale Aircraft Modelling, the leading magazine for the hobby. This is something I could have only dreamed of when I started the hobby, so to be recognised and included within a magazine of such calibre is a honour I bespoke.

I mainly specialise in Aircraft Models, but I have built a few Car, Military AFV, Boat and Figure kits in the past, so feel free to enquire about details.

I can build any scale, to whatever requirements you have, such as weathering. From a fresh out of the paint shop finish to a battered, worn, dirty, battle hardened or abandoned look, I can make that vision a reality. I can even put it as a diorama, just to add to the spectacle this hobby delivers on a regular basis.

I charge the following:



Propeller - £70
Jet - £90
Transport and Bomber - £110
Helicopters - £80


Propeller - £140
Jet - £170
Transport and Bomber - £200
Helicopters - £170


Propeller - £220
Jet - £250
Transport and Bomber - £300
Helicopters - £200


Propeller  - £250


1:76 - 1:72

Tank + Armoured Vehicle - £85
Light Vehicle + Staff Cars - £75
Gun - £60


Tank + Armoured Vehicle - £170
Light Vehicle + Staff Cars - £150
Gun - £100


Tank + Armoured Vehicle - £200
Light Vehicle + Staff Cars - £170
Gun - £160

I can use PayPal, Bank Transfer or Postal Order as payment.

Getting the project to me couldn't be easier. Essentially, you contact me with details of the kit and any aftermarket products you have purchased and would like me to build, and I will give you my address for you to send the project to. It might be easier to include my name in the delivery address ( obviously after contacting me first to set up a rapport, otherwise my garage will become full of random kits from nowhere! ) when you make the purchase, so feel free to enquire what is the best method for you when you ask for my address, I'm sure I'll be able to help.

During the project, I will send regular updates to yourself so you can see how the project is coming along. Sometimes I even post updates on various modelling forums I am a member of, but if you would like me to keep the project away from prying eyes, do please feel free to mention this or for details of said forums.

With regards to sending the finished model back, I will take the utmost care to pack it safely and securely, but it might be best to leave weapons, undercarriage and any other fiddly bits off the model during the transit back, as these may be damaged during posting, until the owner receives the kit safely at it's destination and glue the items on themselves.

I am open to using couriers, or if very local to me, personally delivering the finished model to yourself!

Some examples of my work;

Finally, my e-mail address is
Thank you for reading my blog, I look forward to hearing from you very soon.
Kind Regards,